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Cable TV: Frequently Asked Questions

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What cable TV services does GEUS offer?

What kind of programming is included in Economy Theater?

What features are available with Economy Plus Theater?

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  • "GEUS 34" local programming
  • Available to every TV in your home (no additional equipment needed)

What's available for Digital Theater?

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  • On-screen programming guide
  • 50 Digital music channels
  • Pricing includes two digital receiver boxes. Additional receivers can be obtained for $1.99/month.
  • Optional digital features

What are the optional HDTV and DVR features?

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  • Advanced quad-tuner digital video recorder (DVR), recording of up to 4 channels while watching another
  • Wide screen picture format
  • Picture in picture


Will my cable TV and High Speed Internet service come in on the same line?

Yes. Only one line will come into to your house. A splitter will be mounted on the outside of your home. Multiple cables can be routed from this splitter.


Can I hook up more than one TV?

GEUS Cable Services allow you to hook up more than one TV. Any TV you wish to receive digital service will require a converter box. Two EVO boxes are provided free of charge. Additional digital receivers are available for a small monthly charge.


How much does GEUS cable TV cost?

Economy Theater Service is the least expensive service. GEUS offers low-cost lifeline rates for Economy Theater Service. Economy Theater Plus Service offers more channels and features at a slightly higher cost. For a complete list of services and pricing visit the Cable TV Line up web page.

What is HDTV?

High-definition television is a new format for broadcasting TV programming. The signals in HDTV are digital, like the images created by a digital camera.


Do I need a new television set to watch HDTV?

Yes. You must have a high-definition tuner and monitor to properly decode and display HDTV signals.

All cable subscriptions will require the EVO box, including the basic 15 channel service. Virtually all of the GEUS channels will be HD. No TV upgrade will be necessary – the EVO box will work with your existing TV. (For the best picture quality, you will need an HD ready TV set, but even without an HD TV, your picture will improve with the EVO box.)


What's different about HDTV versus the existing signals?

HDTV is a digital signal that produces crystal clear, noise-free pictures and CD quality digital sound. (For the techies: there are about 20 megabits per second of information per broadcast channel.)

HDTV has many viewer benefits:

  • Wide screen format
    Traditional TVs use a 4 by 3 aspect ratio. The screen is 4 units wide by 3 units high. Movies use a much wider picture, which leads to cropping (losing the sides of the picture) when you view a movie on TV. HDTV uses a 16 by 9 aspect ratio, making a wider picture. There is less cropping so you see more of the movie !
  • Picture Resolution
    Resolution is a measure of picture sharpness. HDTV offers resolution that is at least twice that of analog television for razor sharp images.
  • Digital Sound
    Just as your CDs sound better than your old audiocassette tapes, HDTV's digital audio signal sounds better than standard television's analog sound. Also, some HDTV programs include Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound.

I have heard that there are two HDTV formats — 720p and 1080p. Is there a difference between these formats and can my television receive both these formats?

Regardless of the HDTV format being broadcast, all new HDTV receivers can receive both formats. New HDTV televisions convert the received signal to a format that is compatible with your new display.


Will HDTV replace standard television?

Not immediately. Some TV stations will continue to broadcast programs in the standard format for at least the next several years. However, the federal government is urging broadcasters and consumers to adopt the new format. Over the next few years television networks will add more digital broadcasting to their offerings until the final switch is made.


How do I sign up for GEUS cable TV service?

It's easy! Just call (903) 457-2800 to subscribe to GEUS Cable TV.

GEUS Cable Television brings you the best in TV programming at a price you can afford. GEUS now offers High Definition TV with Digital Video Recording (DVR).

Check the listings below for your favorite channel line-up now available in HDTV.




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