Renewable Energy

Distributed generation from renewable resources is available to any GEUS retail consumer 

  • who owns and operates an on-site generating system powered by a renewable resource
  • capable of producing not more than 25 kW of power


Customers shall review and complete GEUS’ Distributed Generation Packet (PDF)before beginning installation of distributed generation. Approval is Required.

Customers installing backup power sources (generators) must review and complete GEUS' Backup Power Source Packet before beginning installation. Approval is Required.

Rebates / Credits

GEUS does not currently offer any rebates or incentives to customers installing generating systems. However, energy exported to the GEUS system will be credited at the rate of our current Fuel Adjustment Costs (FAC). This is known as avoided cost where customers receive credit for the cost of energy the utility avoided purchasing. These credits will be applied monthly by GEUS to the consumer’s account. Refer to the Distributed Generation from Renewable Resources Rider, Appendix D located in the packet for rate information.

*Customer may not participate in prepaid electric or level billing programs in combination with solar.