Tree Pruning

Greenville is a Tree City USA. We all recognize the value of trees - they improve our air quality, provide cool shade in the summer, and beautify our parks and streets.

However, trees and power lines are dangerous neighbors!


GEUS tree trimming crews work year around to keep primary lines in easements and alleys as clear of tree limbs as is reasonably possible. We appreciate calls pointing out particular problem areas. GEUS crews prune tree branches around power lines to prevent hazardous conditions and maintain uninterrupted electric service.


Trimming trees near live lines is dangerous and should only be done by professionals! Don't do it yourself. In fact, by law, only qualified trained workers can prune close to power lines. Contact us to report trees that need to be trimmed next to power lines.


GEUS can trim small limbs that are making direct contact with the service lines. Customers who elect to have extensive trimming done near power lines or large limbs taken out near power lines should contact GEUS. GEUS reserves the right to take the electric service down temporarily for trimming by the customer's contractor, if needed, for their personal safety or the safety of the electric line itself.