Packages & Rates

We know you want the fastest Internet possible at the most economical monthly rate. Our competitive-priced Internet comes to you at speeds never before seen in Greenville with the same GEUS customer service and reliability you've come to trust.

*Internet speeds are based on wired connection and actual speeds may vary.

  1. Residential Packages
  2. Commercial Packages

Residential Internet Packages

Packages Description

Price Download Speeds*
Upload Speeds*
GEUS 50 Basic speed for casual 
Internet use like online shopping.

$29.95 Up to 50 Mbps
Up to 5 Mbps
GEUS 320 Good speed for 4k streaming 
or downloading large files, 
and smart home devices like cameras.

$64.95 Up to 320 Mbps
Up to 15 Mbps
GEUS 500 Ultimate speed for gaming, 
video conferencing, multiple room 
4k streaming, and more.

$94.95 Up to 500 Mbps
Up to 25 Mbps

FREE Modem

NO Contracts

UNLIMITED Internet, NO Data Caps


LOCAL Professional Support

Technical Requirements for customers who wish to provide their own equipment:

Modem Requirements

  • DOCIS 3.0 and greater
  • minimum 8 downstreams and 4 upstreams

Router and Router/Modem Combo Requirements

  • DOCIS 3.0 and greater
  • 2 channel options, 2.4 ghz and 5 ghz antennas