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TiVo Premiere Q & Preview DVR

Watch cable on your own time

Are you tired of missing your favorite shows? How about that big catch or the photo finish? GEUS has your solution. A Digital Video Recorder, or DVR, can bring your favorite program to you at your convenience, as well as pause, play and rewind live television.

TiVo Premiere Q DVR

  • $14.95 per month

TiVo Preview Box

  • Enjoy the TiVo experience in every room
  • TiVo Preview boxes allow you to share shows from your TiVo Premiere Q
  • $4.95 per room.

TiVo Premiere Q DVR

TiVo Premiere Q

TiVo Preview Box

TiVo Preview

The EVO Box

GEUS' all digital, all HD (high definition) system is available to every household in Greenville.

We provide 2 wallet-size EVO digital boxes free of charge. You can attach it to the back of your TV or set it on top - no more bulky box.

Evo Digital Box

Evo Box
Virtually all of the GEUS channels are HD. No TV upgrade necessary - the EVO box will work with your existing TV. (For the best picture quality, you will need an HD ready TV set, but even without an HD TV, your picture will improve with the EVO box.)

Every GEUS Cable subscriber receives 2 free EVO boxes. If you have more than 2 TV sets, extra boxes are available at $1.99 each per month.