Web Videos

To browse categories and collections of TV shows and movies that are available either on channels you receive or from video on demand, follow these steps

  1. From the TiVo Central screen, select "Find TV, movies, & videos."
  2. Select "Browse web videos."
  3. Select "Video podcasts." Then select a content category, like "Comedy" or "News," to see a list of available titles in the chosen category.
  4. Select a video from the list of titles.
  5. Choose "Watch now" to begin watching the show, "Download this program" to send the show to My Shows, "Get a Season Pass" to receive all episodes of the show, or "Past programs" to find a show that has already aired.
The show will appear in your "My Shows" list. (If you selected a past program to download, the show will appear within moments. Otherwise, your show will download automatically on the date that it airs.)