Discovery Bar & Video Window

When you use TiVo Premiere with HD menus, the Discovery Bar and video window appear at the top of most TiVo screens, putting a variety of recommendations at your fingertips.

Using the Discovery Bar

The Discovery Bar is a great way to find new shows based on what your TiVo Premiere knows you already like, but it doesn't contain only shows. You'll also find actors, collections of related shows, web video providers, and more.

What you'll see in the Discovery Bar depends on what shows you record and mark as your favorites. For example, if you record the show "American Idol," the Discovery Bar might display other shows like "So You Think You Can Dance." It all depends on what you're interested in and what's available to you.

  1. From any TiVo screen with the Discovery Bar visible, press the UP arrow on your TiVo remote until one of the images in the Discovery Bar is highlighted. The selection expands, explaining why the show was recommended for you. (To exit the Discovery Bar, just press the Down arrow.)
  2. Use the Left and Right arrows on your TiVo remote to move to other items on the Discovery bar. With any item highlighted, press Select to record the next episode, schedule a Season Pass recording, view upcoming episodes, or view bonus features.

Using the Video Window

The Video Window is located in the right corner of the Discovery Bar and the program guide screen, unless you choose to turn it off or temporarily hide it. You cannot hide or turn off the video window that appears with the program guide. The Video Window continues playing the show you were watching when you entered TiVo Central.

To control the Video Window:

  1. Press Pause on your TiVo remote to pause the video in the Video Window. Press Pause again to resume playing.
  2. Press Slow on your TiVo remote to temporarily hide the Video Window. Press Slow again to restore the Video Window.
  3. If you'd rather permanently turn off the Video Window, from TiVo Central, select 'Settings & Messages' > 'Settings' > 'Displays' > 'Video Window.'