RoundUp Program

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GEUS customers can opt to enroll in the voluntary RoundUP program. In this program, your utility bill will “round up” to the next highest dollar amount. This small contribution may seem like only pennies a month, but the dollars add up quickly when many customers participate.  RoundUP Programs like this are common in most utilities. 

How it Works

Choosing to participate in GEUS’ RoundUP Program means that you commit to rounding your monthly bill up to the nearest dollar. Each month you will give between $0.01 - $0.99 cents to this program. 

So, if your bill is $185.43, the bill would be rounded up to $186.00 and the $0.57 would go to help a local family.

Customer Contribution

The average customer would only donate about $6.00 a year, and the maximum amount any customer could contribute annually by rounding up would be $11.88.

Each donation is a very small amount from each GEUS customer, but the impact to our community will be significant.

Who Benefits

GEUS Board and City Council together have decided that funds raised through this program will be donated to assist people in our community with their utility bill. 

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