Pruning Guidelines

Our trained GEUS tree trimming crews follow pruning guidelines that keep electric utility lines clear of branches while protecting the health of your trees. Proper pruning reduces sprouting, preventing the need for frequent pruning. It also prevents branches from cracking and becoming susceptible to rot.

  •  Our crews use "directional pruning" techniques that train trees to grow away from overhead lines.
  •  Branches are removed at nodes, where branches meet other branches or the tree trunk.
  •  Topping trees or removing the tips of branches is avoided, since it leads to excessive sprouting.
  •  Directional pruning may not enhance the beauty of your trees. It will, however, make them safer and help them maintain healthy growth.

Planting Guidelines

  •  Before you plant, check with the nursery to find out the mature height and width of trees you are considering for your landscape. While low-growing shrubs and small trees may be safely planted within 25 feet of power lines, large trees need to be at least 60 feet from the nearest overhead lines, including the line coming into your house.
  •  It is very important to have underground lines located before digging holes for new trees. 
  •  Texas state law requires that underground utility facilities be located before conducting any excavation, even on private property. To have underground facilities located, call 811