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Critical Load Designation Application

  1. Requestor's Contact Information
  2. Reason for Application
  3. 24/7 Contact Details
  4. Service Address Information
  5. Is the Customer/Facility registered with ERCOT as a Load Resource
  6. Facility Type and Description
  7. Select the applicable services group for this application (one only)

    Description of Options:

    Public Safety: A customer for whom electric service is considered crucial for the protection or maintenance of public safety

    Critical Natural Gas Facility: A facility designated as a critical customer by the Railroad Commission of Texas under §3.65(b) of this title (relating to Critical Designation of Natural Gas Infrastructure) unless the facility has obtained an exception from its critical status. Designation as a critical natural gas facility does not guarantee the uninterrupted supply of electricity.

    Critical Care Business: An business customer for whom an interruption or suspension of electric service will create a dangerous or life-threatening condition on the retail customer’s premises.

  8. Describe any existing battery or backup capacity or duel feed capability:
  9. Battery backup or backup generation capacity.

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