Explanation of Charges

How To Read My Bill

Fuel Adjustment

The fuel adjustment is calculated by adding:

  •  The costs of fossil fuel consumed at GEUS generating plants
  •  The costs of power purchases from other utilities
  •  The costs of brokers expenses used in the purchase of power
  •  ERCOT charges including Uplift Costs and ancillary purchases
     Sub QSE costs / less revenues and TCR costs / less revenues 
  •  Control Center costs and GEUS Power Supply costs
  •  Any revenue collected for fuel for energy sold off-system is subtracted from the above sum

Regulatory Charge

The Regulatory Charge (RC) will recover GEUS net cost of the Wholesale Transmission Service Charges as established by the Public Utility Commission of Texas in accordance with PUC Substantive Rule 25.192, through its annual transmission matrix and any subsequent incremental amounts resulting from rate changes effective after the approval of the annual matrix. Wholesale Transmission Service Charges applicable to the RC shall be determined by taking the net of bills paid by GEUS and bills sent by GEUS. The RC shall also recover NERC / TRE / EPA regulatory fees and penalties and other material regulatory fees and penalties assessed by entities. The RC will be established such that the revenues generated from the RC will be sufficient to equal projected expenses. The RC rate will be periodically adjusted up or down as the amount of the under-collection or over-collection increases using a rolling 12 month average. All changes to the RC rate will be approved by the GEUS Board prior to implementation.

General Fund Transfer

The City of Greenville’s City Charter requires that GEUS transfer 5% of adjusted gross revenues to the City of Greenville’s general fund and 1% to the city’s general fund dedicated for the use and benefit of the Board of Development. The General Fund Transfer (GFT) charge shall be determined by multiplying the factor 6% times the total monthly charges incurred by a customer.

Renewable Energy

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