RoundUp Program

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GEUS customers can opt to enroll in the voluntary RoundUP program. RoundUP Programs like this are common in most utilities. 

There are 3 ways that you can choose to participate in GEUS' RoundUP Program.

  1. Commit to rounding up your bill to the nearest dollar and donating $0.01-$0.99 per month.
  2. Choose a reoccurring set amount contribution.
  3. Choose a one-time set amount contribution.

GEUS' RoundUP Program is easy to participate in and has the ability to make a huge impact on someone else in our community. Your GEUS bill will either be rounded up to the next dollar amount or increased by the dollar amount you designate. 

How Option 1 Works - Monthly RoundUP Contribution

Each month your bill will be rounded up to the next dollar. So, if your bill is $185.43, the bill would be rounded up to $186.00 and the $0.57 would go to help a local family.

The average customer would only donate about $6.00 a year, and the maximum amount a customer could contribute annually would be $11.88.

Each donation is a very small amount from each GEUS customer, but the impact we can all make together will be significant to our community.

How Option 2 & 3 Works - Set Amount Contributions

Set an amount that you want to give.

     Option 2 - allows you to give a set amount monthly. Each month your bill will have this additional donation added to your bill.

     Option 3 - allows you to give a one-time set amount. GEUS will add this donation amount to your bill once.

Who Benefits

GEUS Board and City Council together have decided that funds raised through this program will be donated to assist people in our community with their utility bill. 

Need Help Enrolling?

Watch this step-by-step educational video for more information. How to Enroll in GEUS RoundUP Program or call our office and a Customer Service Representative can assist you. 

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